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Girls Girls Girls

by Miesha & The Spanks


“Their new single “Atmosphere” exemplifies this attitude. Guitars blare out the speakers, with the drums pummeling the listener forward, all the while the infectious hooks rain over you. The track’s filled with glorious harmonic distortion, rising to a true clap along chorus. If this doesn’t wet your appetite for their upcoming LP, well you’ve probably lost your mind, marbles, and possibly all your cognitive abilities. “Atmosphere” is everything you’re looking for in a loud rawk track.”

New Noise Magazine, Any Shrum (US)


“Check out this smashing dose of upbeat, snotty pop-power-punk from Miesha And The Spanks; fast drums, soaring guitars and epic builds are the order of the day here, and while it definitely takes from the established path trodden by the likes of L7 before them, this is catchy enough that many, many people; fans of 90s alt-rock and alternative music, particularly will surely get behind.”

Soundsphere Magazine, Dom Smith (UK)


“On the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ this sizzling two-piece bolide sounds like if Courtney Love‘s hot band Hole is back with a glam grunge stomper. A cracking crasher pushed by dynamite drum hits, spiced with sultry vocals and going totally gaga on the scream-along chorus. Catching stuff to energize your adrenalin flow. You already guessed it: the only way to play this powerful hammerhead is LOUD! Here we go, 1-2-3-4…”

Turn Up The Volume, JL (Belgium)


“Hailing from Calgary is the exciting duo Miesha & The Spanks, who are definitely delivering a high dose of garage rock the way it should be executed. Having worked with drummer and producer Danny Farrant of The Buzzcocks on their ‘Stranger’ EP back in 2016, the Canadian outfit are set to release their forthcoming album Girls Girls Girls this year. One of the songs taken from the new record is their hard rocking track ‘Atmosphere’. Raw to the core, flaring guitar riffs, coinciding with power drumming is the backbone to pop-style stadium chanting hooks and early stage love lyrics. You’ll surely get a boost of energy with this one. Check it out.”

ColoRising, (Worldwide)


“It’s been a year since we were treated to miesha & the spanks’ two-track Stranger EP. Thankfully, the Calgary-based duo haven’t taken their collective foot off the gas: they just released “Atmosphere,” the first single off their upcoming Girls Girls Girls album. “Atmosphere” follows the same playful tone we’ve come to love and expect from spanks territory, but it’s gone a bit more lo fi, with heavily distorted guitars and crashing symbols—and those wonderfully spunky vocals. The track also plays with tempo and speed… and made us crazy excited for Girls Girls Girls.”

Raz Mataz Magazine, Olivia D’Orazio (Canada)