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I left you in Ottawa ON, true believers! Since then we saw some sights in the Canadian Shield, performed in Thunder Bay ON, Regina SK, Calgary AB, Lethbridge AB, Edmonton AB, and as of last night- Kelowna BC. When I wait this long between updates it's hard to know where to begin, so my apologies.

Before I ramble, let's talk about what's coming, like our BC TOUR DATES:

Tour Part 2-4.png

We've added a stop in Miesha's hometown of Invermere BC at Arrowhead Brewing Company on Saturday April 28th, and moved our Golden show to Sunday April 29th so we can join up with The Penske File! Otherwise, I think it is all pretty well the same! Events are up on our Facebook Page!

When the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS TOUR is wrapped, we are headed back East to Toronto for CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK! I've just updated our UPCOMING SHOWS on our TOUR DATES page with our showcase information. I've also added our spring/summer festival stops which include: EAST TOWN GET DOWN (Calgary AB), VANTOPIA (Equity AB), HELIOCITY (Medicine Hat AB), SLED ISLAND (Calgary AB), INVERMERE MUSIC FEST (Invermere BC)! 

Here's a really cool thing we did when we got home to Calgary:

I'll do a full press update in a few days, but for now let's see if I can't fast-track some blogging of the last few weeks!

After Ottawa we stopped into Sudbury for a Sudbury Saturday Night party with our pals Dany Laj & The Looks! The next couple of days were cheap motels, long drives, and tourist attractions.

We returned to The Apollo in Thunder Bay for a Tuesday night show with our buds The Franquilizers and Hello Justice. I said it last time and I'll say it again- Thunder Bay is underrated. There's a growing music scene there that we have really enjoyed getting to know! Plus Sheila, Tina, and Alex really care about the bands they host. The Apollo is like a shining beacon in middle Canada touring.

We had a couple of days off before our next show. Pro tip: if you hit every prairie city on your way out, good luck filling dates on your way home. BUT- they were a great couple of days off. We visited our girls Mobina Galore in Winnipeg, watched a Tragically Hip documentary and ate some veggie reubens! Then in Brandon MB we visited Shotgun Jimmie at his karaoke night! Miesh sang som REO Speedwagon to her fiance who met us there, and we stayed with his family for the night and they fed us some killer trini-food.

In Regina we met us with ex-Hot Blood Bombers member Dave and his band The Delta Throats! The showo ran late so we could play to the crowd coming from an earlier show that night. O'Hanlons pizza is two thumbs up, and the sound as well. Last tour we could only make it for an acoustic Tuesday so it was soooo nice to turn it up.

We headed home after that for two weeks of real life, with some weekends of Alberta shows. Our official Calgary record release was at Nite Owl, and felt like the best homecoming. Was so great to see the girls from the cover of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS and all our buds and buds and buds back home. Bad Buddy and All Hands On Jane made the bill one of the best this whole tour!

But we couldn't escape the snowstorms that have plagued this tour! Lethbridge was snowed the eff in! Mombod were so great, and The Slice was great, and the crowd that braved the snow were great, but that drive was terrifying. But not really shocking, anymore, at this point.

Edmonton we played at Sewing Machine Factory, joined again by AHOJ, and Spells! We had never played downstairs before at this venue, and we loved it. The staff and the crowd were the sweetest, and afterwords we crashed at my fav long-hairs house and shotgunned beers til sunrise.

Yesterday we made the trek to Kelowna! We've been trying to play Milkcrate Records for a few tours now and finally made it happen! We love playing record stores. It wasn't packed on a Wednesday evening but we haven't played much in Kelowna before so hopefully we made some pals this time to come out next! Richard is so enthusiastic about the local scene, and you can tell puts a lot of heart into it. Our kind of people! Locals Escape Goat opened up acoustic, and I am writing from their kitchen table! 

As usual, the hospitality of strangers never ceases to amaze. We get by thanks to all of you, true believers!

Next stop, VANCOUVER! Tour forever. xx.




What's up, tour news? News first, blog to follow. It's a rambler.

  • GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is still charting pretty well! I couldn't believe we moved up to #7 on CBC Radio 3's Top 30! We'd never crossed into the Top 10 before and slid in last week at #9, so that was pretty exciting for us. Back on the National Monthly Earshot at #20, and Loud at #2. 
  • Exclaim! Magazine had me round up our FAVOURITE 7 PLACES IN CALGARY! I gave them 10 and they chose the 7, and of course we have more than 7 favs but HERE IT IS
  • We did a Q&A with GHETTOBLASTER MAGAZINE that you can CHECK OUT HERE
  • Miesha chatted with Anne-Marie Brugger live on-air on Ottawa's CHUO FM, and she ALSO put it into OTTAWA LIFE MAGAZINE! READ IT HERE
  • Sick review from CANADIAN BEATS: CHECK IT OUT
  • Oh- THE RODNEY BINGENHEIMER SHOW on the Underground Garage station on SiriusXM played both Atmosphere AND Motorin! Very cool.
  • Our interview on BANDS N BUDS podcast went live and is down below!

I left you in Sackville! Glenn is the nicest guy, and Quiet Neighbours were really good. The shows aren't in the bowling alley anymore, but the main room is cozy as fuck and they have an awesome beer selection. Everyone in Sackville is the nicest, actually.

After the show we drove to Riverview to stay with our pal Josh Beal and his two dogs Lucky and Zeke. The generosity of East Coasters never ceases to amaze me- the next day before our St. Patty's day show at The Caveau, the Beals (Josh's rad parents) had us over for an INCREDIBLE seafood chowder, wine, appies, dessert, stories... unreal. Prior to that we hit some thrift stores and record shops- Spin-It has some very cool pin-ball so I mostly did that, not records.

The Caveau is this very cool downstairs castle dungeon type of bar. We played with The Virals, Lionsault, and Diner Drugs- everyone kicked butt. Kortni from Lionsault kicked the most butt. Im gonna be honest and say our attendance at the East Coast dates had not been awesome, which was a double bummer because it's our favourite part of Canada to tour. But THANK YOU MONCTON for turning that around! We had such a great show, crowd, everything. And we needed it!

With a Sunday night off we drove to Penosquis NB to visit Joe and Nat- turns out it was game 6 in Joe's hockey league's finals! The Wild (our guys) vs. The Reapers!!!! How fun to hit the arena in small town Petitcodiac NB and cheer our faces off for #21! Couldn't have asked for much more on a Sunday night off, but unfortunately The Reapers made a huge comeback after being down 3-0 and won the cup in overtime. 

We returned to Halifax on Monday for our traditional Peggy's Cove and Rockin' For Dollars! It was a little backwards but always worth it. The East coast snowstorms cleared right up and it was beautiful (but very windy) at Peggy's Cove. We each ate a lobster and a chowder and sent some postcards home. We finally got a visit in with Chantal, the lady of Halifax, and even talked her into coming to Rockin For Dollars on a work night. Rockin For Dollars is now at The Seahorse- where as much as I loved Reflections, the sound is sooooo much better! That Monday show was so awesome. We didn't win the money but I think we won the hearts of some locals- what a great way to end our East Coast run.

A couple of non-eventful days followed. We drove to that weird Days Inn in Edmundston again and fell asleep at like 9pm. Then we drove to Montreal a day early to stay with Al, very chill. Thursday we played at Barfly in Montreal, and me and Sean went on a hunt for Wilensky's where we had TWO fried bologna sandwiches EACH. They're good! They're better than you would think! We loved them. 

Golden Hair opened the Barfly show, and were very cool. They used to be A Death In Canada but I think there's yet another name change on the horizon. It was our first of two shows with Expanda Fuzz as well! They are from Ottawa, and I know Chris Page (bass) from Camp Radio. Mikey from Priestess/UBT helped set up sound but couldn't stick around because babies. Sean gets MVP for working door again. He's so charming! It was a very loud night. After the show Al bought us half a loaf of rye bread, two hot packages (I hope not pounds) of smoked meat, coleslaw, pickles, and mayo. We called it "Miesha's Bachelor Party" stuffed our faces and fell asleep.

Last night we played Ottawa at Bar Robo! Before that, we popped into CKCU 93.1 FM to read some advertisements and play music/chat with Candace on her show Candy Shop! We had too much fun, that hour was up in no time! Bar Robo is a very cool bar with some nice sour beers (that's our thing now). The sound is really great for just running vocals through the monitors. It's funny to compare the sound there and the sound at Barfly the night before - exact same set up! I don't have the answers. This one wasn't too busy but felt real good, AND I met Alexander Skarsgard. Or someone who looked just like him. 

Chris set us up in his house where we still are at 12:30pm! Sean's working on this 14min song for Pizza Bath and I'm TRYING to update all the press and awesome stuff that's been happening but I'm going to be honest, there's A LOT and it is hard to get all this done plus organize our Western tour dates, a wedding, and moving. I'm gonna finish our next two tour vids tonight though, BEFORE Dany Laj and Jeanette take us out for a Sudbury Saturday Night!!

That reminds me that we made a new tour playlist on Spotify: FOLLOW or LISTEN or DOWNLOAD HERE!

Until next time, TB's! Tour Forever! xx



We are officially halfway through the EASTERN end of tour! That means just over two weeks until we are back in our own beds. We've spent the last two weeks charting #1 on the National Loud Charts on Earshot which is crazy cool, and moved up to #9 on CBC Radio 3's Top 30!!

If you don't follow us on youtube, go do it! Click here to access our channel! We post tour V-LOGS whenever we get a chance. Here's the most recent:


Here's some more awesome press!

  • BEATROUTE (AB) put us right on their front cover for the month of March!  Click here to read the cover story!
  • IMPERFECT FIFTH wrote a review of the full album song by song! So rad, thank you- check it out here.
  • FYI MUSIC NEWS e-mailed Miesha for a Q&A that came out today! Click here to read.
  • Another Q&A from OTTAWA LIFE! Can't wait to be in capitol city next week- check that baby here.
  • THE COAST called Miesh in a McDonald's parking lot to help pump up our Halifax dates, read all about it by clicking here!
  • VENTS MAGAZINE posted our interview with them here- this one's a little late, sorry about that!
  • NATALIEZ WORLD wrote up a sweet review of the album for us here, thank you!
  • We love this review from NOISE JOURNAL- short and sweet, check it here!
  • PUNK ONLINE went through the album track by track for a nice review, read it here.

Since we last chatted- we played in London and Toronto, Fredericton and Halifax. In London we headed straight to Schmokey's BBQ for some really tasty eats. It was this little house sort of out of the way with some real traditional BBQ. It's in the vid! We went on to play at East Village Arts Collective with Isolation Party, Susans, and Noise Bleed. There was some sort of crazy police bust across the street- no idea what happened but it was bananas. The bands were all so cool and we love playing DIY spaces so we had a great time. I've never seen an electric ukelele before. Amazing. We drove back to the comfort of Nick Ball's in Hamilton that night.


We had to get to Toronto early on Saturday to meet Drew and Sarah from SiriusXM to chat with them on their podcast Bands n Buds. We got the grand tour and met a dog named Penny. The podcast should be out by Sunday this week! Then we checked in with our good friends The Browns for a visit/laundry before heading down to Baby G to load in. We played with Binos- we loved it. Nate and Hugh used to play in Sphynxs, who you might remember as the flip-side of the only split record we've ever done. The other member, Miescha (sp?) shares my name so that's cool. I met him at a party last summer! Our dearest TO buds came out and we had a quality night out. Baby G, so far, best sound of tour.

We had a few days off before the maritimes so we went to Communist Daughter in TO on the Sunday, and Montreal to visit Alan (Prios/Bronto Scorpio/Frosted Tipz) for the night. Then we drove the next morning to Edmunston and stayed in this crazy hotel that looked like The Shining. We woke up to the first of a great many snowstorms plaguing the East Coast but drove to Fredericton anyways. Most of Fred wasn't open for business, and the weather kept anyone from coming out to an all ages coffee shop show. The brewery was busy and we enjoyed their beers earlier. Kind of a bummer except that Van London and Tortoise Hare & The Millionaire are super sweet dudes and made some real cool music.

It sort of cleared up so we drove to our pals Nat and Joe's place for the night in this rural area near Moncton. Had a quick visit and a good nights sleep. The road to Halifax was insane. Snowstorm, now sunshine, now hail, now rain, now sun, now snow- heavy winds always. Guh.

BUT in Halifax we were re-united with our buddies Designosaur, and last minute Matty Grace was able to play solo. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs were in town and had a nearby air bnb so they let us sleep there instead of the van- THANK YOU! The show at Gus' was very cool. There were two awesome old fans who we have to re-learn Mmmade For Me for, for Monday's Rockin 4 Dollars back in Halifax! And between the Iron Lungs and Outtacontroller guys it was the best party.

Got some brewery and brunch hangs in with the boys before heading to Sackville for our Thunder & Lightning gig- where I write this now. It's basically time to load in now, SO- this is where the tour play by play wraps. 

Tour Forever! xx



It's finally time! Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, whatever - it's all available to buy/stream! Making this record has been our focus for nearly two years now and we are so stoked to finally share the finished product with you, true believers!!! It's been especially rad touring the new songs across Canada, seeing old buds new buds and getting the album into their hands early. 

The Big Takeover premiered the album stream this morning! "Girls Girls Girls, which The Big Takeover is excited to premiere in full right here, is a record to play over and over and over again. LOUD. Rock records are rarely this infectious in 2018. It’s a testament to the band’s ferociousness and true melodic sensibilities. A rock record that begs you to run to their next tour date. Pray they hit your hometown." THANK YOU!

It's been one week since our last update! What's been happening? 

Yesterday we launched our new music/lyric video! We took over Broken City's Karaoke night in Calgary a few weeks ago to shoot all our buds singing along to our first single "Atmosphere!" Our buddy Brendan Kane from Welcome To The West did a great job, so stoked. He also directed our video for Stranger, so you might recognize a few call-backs!

We played Regina at The Mercury Cafe & Grill after we checked in last time. It's this sweet diner, that was actually inspired by our hometown fav Galaxie Diner! It was awesome to play with The Faps for the second night in a row, ex-Spanks drummer Young Neil's new band Hit The Streets, and Pop Pop Vernac- featuring our old bud Dave from Hot Blood Bombers! 

Next up we had a long drive to Winnipeg! We had to be there early to record a session with UMFM and interview with new bud David Dobbs. It was our first time in the station so that was very cool too! We headed to Mobina Galore's house to clean up and hang with Marcy and Jenna but Jenna was sick so we got Marcy all to ourselves. The show at The Cavern that night was sooooo awesome! This was our second time playing with The Vital, and first with Gold Mountain. Such awesome energy all around, great crowd, rad music, sweet bartenders! AND it was our buddy Darryl's Bday party- the only bummer was no muff dives. LOVED our night in Winnipeg.

Thunder Bay at The Apollo always feels like visiting family. Sheila, Tina, and Alex do so much to help a travelling band, we appreciate them endlessly. Also locals Fat Cop blew our minds, and we got to hang with some Franquilizers- Frank took us thrift shopping the next day. We added a show there on our way home as well- Tuesday March 27!

We spent Monday night in the last motel room in Wawa. Nobody including the locals knew what was up, but I definitely ate the last piece of chicken as well at the restaurant. Tuesday we visited Dany Laj and Jeanette in Sudbury and got to check out their new home and new single. Jeanette's chili is to die for and now we have a new corn cob pipe! Wednesday we arrived a day early in Hamilton to hang with our buddy Nick and his boys in Dead Tired. Their jam space is unbelievable. Also they have great taste in beers and ramen!

I also finished our first little tour vid, more to come as we go:

Last night was the first of our southern Ontario long weekend- a not-so-full night at This Ain't Hollywood but the best time with our buds! We also met our publicist Adam from Auteur Research in person for the first time so that was great! Then me and Sean ate a whole pizza. 

This morning has been busy with release stuff and social media but we're just about to pile out of Nick's sweet pad to hit the gym! Probably a good idea after that whole pizza. Tour forever! Til next time, true believers... xx



Technically tour started on Wednesday night at the Ship & Anchor, but as you can see I'm a little behind in my blogs! THANK YOU CALGARY for your sweet send-off! Our buds Beta Boys and The Corey Hotline were the right stuff for sure. I stayed up all night packing, so apologies for the lack of tour socials while I slept to Saskatoon!

We stopped in for a visit at CFCR when we reached Saskatoon, and chatted with Mandy Warhol on The Buzz! My old bud Earl from The Steadies did an interview right before us so that was a nice surprise. We played Black Cat Tavern (formerly Vangelis) last night with The Faps (who are joining us in Regina tonight as well) and Off The Top Rope who played my favourite new song "Sexy Boy" but it isn't recorded yet so finding that out was the worst part of my night for sure. The best part was The Faps covering "Hashpipe" or maybe it was the pizza. 

We've got a phone interview with Darryl and Kent on Peg City Groove today on CKUW  to chat about tomorrow's show in Winnipeg at The Cavern! Tune in online at or listen at 95.9 on your FM dial at 5:10 CST!

The last week leading up to tour has been the most nuts- because it isn't just road life, it's also record release everything!!! GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is officially released in ONE WEEK! So here's what's been happening:

  • Spotify added LOST BOY to their Fresh Finds playlist! What! Listen to that sweet playlist here!
  • Pure Grain Audio is offering a free download of LOST BOY on their website here
  • Calgary Herald wrote a really great story about our album and tour kick off! Read that online here
  • Loud Cities Radio Show in Greece played MOTORIN'! They're on
  • ATMOSPHERE is spending it's second week in CBC Radio 3's Top 30 chart sitting at #20!
  • GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is in its third week charting nationally on Earshot-Online sitting at #21!

It's overwhelming how much world-wide love GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS is getting, so follow our socials to make sure you don't miss anything awesome! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter = @MANDTHESPANKS

We are only two days in to tour so there is so much more to come. Check out our Tour Dates and come say hi if we're in your town! And if we're not and you see a gap in shows near your town PLEASE contact us! We wanna play it all, true believers! xxoo



We've just wrapped up our six show East coast portion of our tour, and are about to play the first of our last four shows on our way home. It's been wild, true believers. I write you sipping margaritas from Van Gogh's Ear pre-load in- it felt like Mexico when we got here, all sunshine and patios, and now there's been a flash rainstorm so we moved inside to do some biz! 

First I'l share some cool press I found posted- two radio interviews/features (one from the CKUM FM in Moncton NB, and one from LU Radio in Thunder Bay ON), and a live video shot by BLVCK GOLD from our show earlier this month in Montreal at Turbo Haus. 

Our new friend JE from Beard Springsteen invited us to the station for an interview/tour! It was really fun because everyone is so bi-lingual there, so he recorded our interview and then later added translations to the questions and answers. We caught a bit of it on the air on our way to our next show in Sackville, even!

Greg Mahood at LU Radio in Thunder Bay has been playing Spanks for years, and in the past we've popped in for an interview to the station. This time we did a lengthy phone interview prior to us leaving Calgary, and he put together this really cool feature!

So happy to have a great sounding live video! We played first so there wasn't a huge turnout yet, but BLVCK Gold also got some awesome photos which he'll be posting alongside our e-mail interview sometime soon on!

SO. Here we are with for shows left to go, and six behind us! Want to hear about the Maritimes???

We started with a night of camping outside of Edmunston- which we've been dieing to do since we left Calgary. We pulled up at this tiny campground and roasted weinies, played bocce, passed around the guitar, and chilled the eff out. So nice.The next day we got to tourist out on our way to Fredericton- stopping in Hartland for the longest covered bridge, and also grabbing chips from Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory, and we stumbled across the world's largest axe! Who knew!

We arrived in Fredericton smelling of bug spray and campfire, to play an all ages show in a cafe/magazine store called Reads. This awesome solo performer Graeme Kennedy went up first, followed by Beard Springsteen- who we fell in love with instantly. Check them out here! We drove after the show to stay with some old friends of mine, Joe and Nat, in Sussex. My last east coast tour (with Pity) we played in their tiny shed on an off night! They're the best. Warm beds, snacks, beers. We've been lucky to have so many hospitable pals this tour! 

We played Charlottetown the next night at Fishbone's! There was a completely bananas wind/rain storm going on all night- including our crossing on that huge confederation bridge! We thought we might get blown off (not really) but it was nuts. So naturally when we arrived the bartenders politely told us, "... I don't really know what to expect tonight with this weather!" They were right, there wasn't much, but we made a handful of new buds and the bar treated us super well. 

The next day was beautiful out so we got a really beautiful view of the island on our drive off and the ocean crossing over the bridge. We hung out at the beach in the sand. It was sooooo nice. It was a short trip to Moncton where we were laying at Claude's House. We've been on tour two months and this was the first DIY basement show we were playing! It was the most fun. I love playing shows like this, people are anywhere from 15 to 40 and all just having the best time together. And it's loud! We do like it loud. We decided to power through our set no-stops style, and more could not have gone wrong with my pedal board. But just like a machine, Sean powered through it all. What a guy. We played with Small Package who live at the house, and Designosaur from Dartmouth- and both were very rad. Don and Nathan from Motorleague came out, as well as Joe and Nat and their buds, and we all ended up at this bar called The Laundromat. Then this crazy basement with a bar. Two DIY bars in one night - HA.

Halifax had been tricky to book- the show was a Sunday, and everyone seemed to be busy playing too close to the show already. So we had to be creative! Our pal from Calgary, Ricca Razor Sharp, was actually in town and planning to surprise us. But I put a FB post up looking for any opener ideas and he had to spill the beans if he wanted to help! SO- we moved it to the early evening and had Sean play his solo set, Ricca do some hip-hop, and then we closed it out. There a decent small crowd and we were all done in time to watch Game 6! Which was such a bummer...

Monday we did the traditional Spanks tourist spree to Peggy's Cove to climb on some rocks and eat some lobster! This time our best east coast bud Chantal took us to Lunenburg as well, which was really beautiful, even though the Blue Nose II was away from the harbour. And sticking to tradition that night we played Halifax' Rockin For Dollars!!! As the out of town guests we played a full set, which we ran together just like the punk rock show in Moncton haha. So sweaty. When it came to spin the wheel... we did our classic spin together... the crowd went wild... it slowed on the money... and THEN- one notch over to "not the money." Can't win them all! The next day was the hottest day of tour. More sweaty.

We took a night off in Moncton at JE from Beard Springsteen's place, made another visit to the Laundromat lol. The next day we did the interview at CKUM FM and then made tracks to Sackville NB to play the bowling alley known as Thunder & Lightning!!! Suuuch a cool room. The bowling is actually those weird skinny pins all in a line. We played a Sackville ex-pat, Pat Lapoidevin, who had this really amazing one man show. The crowd was a lot of his old buds and family friends but we got a really great response, and true to every east coast experience I've ever had- they were the fucking nicest people ever.

We drove to Sussex for a good sleep before our 10 hour drive to Montreal to crash at big bud Alan's. Turbo Haus found Sean's kick pedal (Sean lost his kick pedal) so we picked that up and went straight to the park. Chill night, long drive today to Guelph! And now we are all on the same page, true believers!

Tonight we are at Van Gogh's Ear in Guelph with Rival Town and The Lad Classic. Tomorrow in Windsor back at Phog Lounge still with Lad Classic and joined by The Feedbacks. We have two days of solid driving before an acoustic show in Regina at Ohanlons, and one last rock show to rock them all in Medicine Hat AB!!!!

We're home for Sled Island and if you're in Calgary you can catch me (Miesh) speaking on a panel all about touring on Friday June 23 at Commonwealth downstairs at 11:30am!! xx



L to R: Producers Paul & Danny, band dirtbags Miesha & Sean

L to R: Producers Paul & Danny, band dirtbags Miesha & Sean

We haven't touched base in a while! Hope you're following our Instagram feed (@mandthespanks) for stories and other hilariousness. A lot easier to share as we go! But if you like a good long blog, here is the story of our lives:

We left you as Sean started tracking drums in Park Studios in Brighton UK, where we spent three and a half days tracking most of the leads. Not going to lie these days were long and challenging. My guitar parts always get SO much more complicated when I work with Paul/Danny (which is awesome), and Sean is such a juggernaut in there (everywhere) that I think sometimes they would throw new weird ideas at him just to eff with him and see if he could. He usually could! For the most part our recording stayed on the same schedule of tea/breakfast, studio/coffee 8:30-10:30, last call at The Geese (11pm), pass-out, repeat. We hit the Brighton Pier after our half-day, which has big amusement park rides/games/ice cream, then all along the beach are super old pubs and vendors. Our one and only day on the beach!

The last few days of recording focused on finishing any odd leads adding background vocals, and extra percussion! My new guitar from Fender made it over with just enough time to do a few main songs and some extra instrumentation, BUT also with some hefty duty/taxes which suuuuucked to pay in British pounds! We tracked everything we could and Paul and Danny mixed down the songs- we're very excited even so early on. I want to show them all off. But I gotta wait so you gotta wait. I was thinking I should give you a run down on what the sound is turning into but I'm not sure how exactly. The recording's have a lot more layers than previous albums. We definitely gave Paul and Danny a lot to work with. It's going to sound very big.

Recording ran into The Great Escape- a city-wide music festival/conference in this little coastal city. Very cool. We fanboy'd Mo Kenney, first catching both her afternoon full band set,  then following her to this huge Canadian showcase sprawled across the Brighton Museum. So cool to catch her twice, and in doing so find this amazing show where we saw acoustic sets from Hannah Georgas, Port Cities, Wooden Sky, and got to catch up with buds Altameda and Foonyap (Calgary). On our last night in the UK we went to this awesome show at a big recording studio/jamspace Brighton Electric and got super blown away by these two local bands Projector and Loa Loa- then we had to catch our train to the aiprort, sleep in the airport, and start making our back to Canada! The night train from Brighton to London is a big party. Also there are very few places to sleep comfortably in London Gatwick Airport. 

Our flights took us through Newfoundland and Halifax, and we were really hoping to get to say that we had a beer in Newfoundland BUT instead spent the whole time in customs (more taxes on guitar from Fender US mailed to me in the studio in the UK then flown back into Canada with me.) Then we were back in Montreal just in time to enjoy some Pouzza Fest! They have rad outdoor stages for free, so that was pretty much what we did! We were in town just long enough for our friends PRIORS record release as well- holy smokes check it out:

We picked up some more shows in Ottawa and Hamilton. Ottawa we played this rad cafe called Pressed with Jad Hammoud for his goodbye party- buddy has a beautiful voice and we really appreciate the help with the show. The reason we were in Montreal so long, and then had to get some favour shows was because our Newfoundland shows fell apart- which was a whole weeks worth basically. Ah well, you get by with a little help from your buds. Our new buds at Pressed in Ottawa, and Matt Ellis (RELISH) that I know back from The Rocket Reducers in Hamilton set us up with an awesome all ages show show back at This Ain't Hollywood. We were back with our bud Nick Ball in Hamilton, and in Ottawa we were back at our old home the Walmart Parking lot. We're pretty lucky to have friends that will take us in for so many nights- Alan, Ryder, Justin, Vince, Nick , Walmart- I'm talking to you!

Next we had a show with our rad friends Mad Ones, and killer band Wave of Terror at Baby G in Toronto. I haven't seen Mad Ones as a three piece yet, and Andrew had been on tour with us and HotKid back in April. In fact, the day I get home to Calgary, Mad Ones fly in and crash at Hotel Spanks for all of Sled Island! Wish we could've had more shows together! Then Kingston at The Toucan where we were reunited with our bud B. Rich (eff yeah bud), and played with this rad rockabilly band Screamin' Sins. The Toucan is a classic Kingston bar- I'd played here before with C'mon on their final tour- Ian Blurton always swears by it. Dominion in Ottawa too- we didn't play there but I made sure me and Sean stopped in for a drink. Being back in Eastern Canada has been a really nice trip down memory lane. Promise not to wait so long for next time!

I write this of course from Al's apartment in Montreal where we've been since our show on Saturday night at Turbo Haus- where we opened for Dead Tired (Nick's band), and locals Sick Things and Mountain Dust. So much great rock and energy! Turbo Haus is a great room too, I've wanted to play there a real long time. 

As I'm writing this out I'm realizing how much laying low we've done since the UK- short drives and long visits. We were both so emotionally and physically drained from a month of tour part one and going straight into the studio for ten long days, that it was actually awesome. We scheduled some jams to re-learn the changes in our set, but otherwise just blew off steam! Now we've got about two weeks and a day before we're back in Calgary- it's steady shows all through the Maritimes, followed by extra long drives and fewer shows on the way home- where I literally step out of the van and onto a panel to talk about Best Touring Practises during the Sound Off Summit/conference portion of Sled Island.

We have some rad news coming up about the album, true believers! I'll check in more often so there isn't soooo much to share.

...we definitely miss you, Calgary! xx



We're about three days into our stay in Brighton. We've been jamming and re-arranging (and writing) tunes at a home studio with our producers Danny Farrant and Paul Rawson, but today we have our first day in Park Studios. They're setting up drums now which means I have time to do stuff like announce tour dates, write a short blog, share our new music video, maybe some publicity, BIZ all around!

Getting to Brighton was insane. To save some bucks on travel expenses, we took flights from Montreal, to Vancouver, to London Gatwick. Which just seems insane. But when you're a broke musician flying to the UK to record in the middle of a cross-Canada tour... Anyways, it was a six hour layover, and adding a train cancellation, we were in transit for 24 hours, without much more than a three hour nod-off. So, weird and excited we spent our first day taking in Brighton's pubs and meeting the locals!

Glad we did, because these are long crazy days. We make tea and breakfast and head to the studio, and by the time we're back to our neighbourhood pub (The Geese), their kitchen is closed- beers, netflix, bed, followed by tea, eggs, studio, repeat. There won't be much touristing this trip! But things are getting really exciting. 

Here's our music video! We made this forever ago with Brendan Kane from Welcome To The West. He did such a great job, it's too bad we had to wait so long to release it- but hopefully you are enjoying it now, true believers! In the meantime and in between time... xo





Part one of tour has gone very well! It had a rough beginning... A week before we hit the road from Calgary, some total A-Hole broke into Jean Claude Van-Van. The same long window (but on the the opposite side) that we just replaced was smashed, as well as the door beside it, and Sean's guitars all long gone. Not a great start. We're super grateful to our pal BJ who turned Broken City's Rockin For Dollars the following Wednesday into a fundraiser for us, and all of the support from the many people who contributed to help us cover that expense and not lose our shirt before we even left town. The following week we had a last night in town party at another Rockin For Dollars and the gods of the wheel smiled upon us and that helped us along our way as well! Calgary, you're magic. I don't even have the words.

Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and then Toronto for Canadian Music Week we were accompanied by local celeb photographer Sebastian Buzzalino (Unfolding Creative Photography). He took loads of amazing shots on and off stage, which you can check out in an album on our Facebook page. The Capitol in Saskatoon was super hospitable and we played with new friends Quinzee Town before an overnight drive to Winnipeg, where we shared the stage with M&M Meats and Rust Owl- both of who blew me away. We had an awesome time on Peg City Groove (CKUW) before the show as well, playing live and chatting with old friends Darryl and Kent. Then, Thunder Bay was really fantastic! Members of the opening acts, Fat Cops and Franquilizers and Hello Justice, all played their first show together (as a different band) the LAST time we came through Thunder Bay, and were stoked, and full of stories of stuff I had completely forgotten. Also seeing Sheila and Tina and Alex was so awesome, and Sheila reminded me of the first time I even came to the Apollo- 2008 with Hot Blood Bombers, shyly asking if I could open solo for the rock show. Memory Lane, true believers. 

Between T Bay and Canadian Music Week was a good two days of rainy rainy drives, not the spring camping we had anticipated. Roadside diners and motels, NHL, and buds- pretty smooth sailing. It was nice to move slow, because once we hit Toronto everything was pretty full throttle. We ended up with 4 showcases- one of which we inadvertently supported Danko Jones! Another, we played directly before Japan's Zoobombs- a super rammed super exciting backyard party thrown by Calgary ex-pat Shannon Martin. Also while in Toronto we saw some of our fav Calgary bands- All Hands On Jane and Bad Animal,  I re-connected with my old crew of B7 dirtbags (best buds), and recorded some vocals for Mountain Lions/RYDER in Blockbuster studios. The stand-out showcases I caught were anything Vancouver's Little Destroyer played, and the Dine Alone/Buzz Records showcase with old friends Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, New Swears, Solids, and Greys. Crazy good line-up.

Next we moved onto our three shows in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Montreal with TO's HotKid. They just released "Late Night Mornings" and it is a killer album, so go check it out right meow. I mean it. Oh my GOSH we finally played House Of Targ which I've been hearing about since it first opened! Pinball and perogies, sold. Awesome room, great staff, great people, we had the best time. Calgary's Bad Animal were playing elsewhere in Ottawa that first night so we all met up for a classic tour Walmart parking lot party/sleepover. Quebec City we played Bal Du Lezard and were joined by Lesbo Vrouven- featuring the notorious Sam Murdock of P572. Sam actually introduced me to HotKid's music! I played a house party at his in 2010 and he gave me their CD and said I would love it. I DID. I followed them everywhere online forever after. Montreal at L'espace Des Memes I was reunited with my best bud Alan Hildebrandt (Frosted Tipz/Bronto Scorpio/PRIORS plus other Edmonton classics like Les Tabernacles), who I've been playing shows with for 10 years (?). Walrus joined HotKid and us, and were rad for sure. Preoccupations bud Matt Fleigl made a celebrity appearance. Love Montreal.

The final leg of part one brought us back to southern Ontario for shows in Guelph, Windsor, London, and Hamilton. Guelph was at DSTRCT as part of their night time art market, it wasn't very busy but we were paid in quartz crystals- which I thought was very cool. They don't fit in the gas tank but their good vibes are keeping vibes good (priceless). Worth mentioning the rain was still insane. If you haven't been following the news the flooding is pretty serious. In Quebec people were kite surfing where fields were, and en route to Windsor some sidewalks were like creeks. It was great to be back in Windsor- Phog Lounge is one of the coolest rooms in Canada. You never know what you'll get exactly, but friendly and interesting people, always. Hoping we're lined up to play a flight in outer space sometime in the next year or so... in-flight space show. That's the future. In London we popped into What Wave Dave's radio show on CHRW to spin some classic Spanks, then later at Call The Office we made a ton of new friends- most notable our new pal Violet who put us up and gave me a who's who and what's what of Brighton UK so we can effectively visit only the raddest places during our limited downtime while recording the next ten days. Also on that note- PUP contributed to the best-of list with Small Batch Coffee. I'm writing this between flights getting really really excited to get on that plane.

Last but not least, HAMILTON! This Ain't Hollywood is a classic Canadian venue. We were playing a Sunday so it was a little sleepy, and had the night off prior to Calgary-party our awesome host Nick into the worst hangover (ever?). But after some wings and NHL at a crazy beer hall with a whole airplane in it, we were ready for one last show. Ashley Sloggett opened with an awesome solo set, and locals The Squids (also a two piece) got me so effing stoked. I can't do it justice in a blog like this. But I loved it so much. Matt and Burger (who I knew from Rocket Reducers) also came and we reminisced about the mayhem that used to be shows and touring before we grew up. "Grew up." I want to also mention this awesome bar called Doors that's a metal bar and taco joint and we watched hockey and ate awesome food and listened to awesome metal there on our Saturday off. It was also awesome to get into a gym and move around- we brought baseball stuff with us on tour but the weather has not been into no ball.

Truthfully so much of this tour has been an enormous blast to the past. Stories I'd forgotten, faces I'd been dieing to see, people who remembered me who I never imagined would with all the bands that come through. It's been amazing. This life is great, and the road feels like home. How could I forget that! 

So mushy, I know. Off to the UK to turn this mush to music.

If you want to keep up with us in real-time, Instagram is our most active social media stuff- follow @MANDTHESPANKS on there, also doing some tweeting @MIESHALOUIE, and of course our Facebook Page for the events and bigger posts.

See you on the road, true believers!!! xxoo








We started 2016 playing at the Ship & Anchor’s annual “2nd Chance NYE” on January 2, with our buds Napalmpom, Whitey Houston, and The Hockey Fight! What a party. Handsome Sean Hamilton was still pretty new to the band back then, and now we’ve spent a whole year together!

With 1 left to go, we will have played exactly 50 shows in 2016. 27 were out of town. We drove 15,796km in trusty Jean-Claude Van-Van. How many Game of Thrones podcasts is that exactly? Probably not enough.

We played the very last winter Golden Sound Festival in Golden BC, the very first Heliocity Music Festival in Medicine Hat AB, our first Vantopia in Equity AB, Steamboat Mountain Music Fest in Edgewater BC, the first Garage Band Alley on Calgary’s Music Mile, Rossland BC’s Blizzard Fest, Fernie BC’s Labour Day Celebrations, Up + Downtown Music Festival in Edmonton AB, and I don’t know how many Food Truck Frenzies back in Calgary! 

We got to perform alongside Napalmpom, Whitey Houston, The Hockey Fight, The Revival (Bright Righteous), Sam Weber, Oldage, Invisible Ray, John Lee’s Hooker, TUGS, All Hands On Jane, Belle Armoury, Quiet One, A Bomb, Joy District, Contra Code, High Kicks, Cope, Black Wizard, Dead Quiet, The Wet Secrets, Wood Hawk, Black thunder, Denim Machine, Temple, Stab.Twist.Pull, Sleep Demon, Triton, Buffalo Bud Buster, 2/3 of Nothing, Same/Same, Otters, No More Moments, Von Jumbo, Low Levels, Victoria & Ryley, The Lonely Jackals, Derek Hintz, Jordan Klassen, Northcote, Josiah & The Bonnevilles, Detractions, Ativans, Star City Lights, The Foul English, Forbidden Dimension, Pancake, 36?, Chisel Peak Blues Band, Valley Forged, Good Ol’ Goats, Big Eli B, “Papa Dawg” Rick Halisheff, Fraid Not, White Lung, Greys, Bad Animal, ManCub, Chick Magnets, Sequicons, 2 Bears North, Son Of Dave, Ben Sures, Mobina Galore, Alright Gents, Painus, The Torchetts, PCA, Liz Stevens, Orit Shimoni, Shaye Zadravec, Laurie Anne Fuhr, The Brains, K-Man & The 45s, The Vital, Weird Lines, Jon Mckiel, Quinzee Town, Herb & The Humans, Son Howler, The Motorleague, Jesse Lebourdais, Biloxi Parish, Chloroux, Afternoon Tea Party, The Yawpers, The Rumble, Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet, Sam Spades, River Jacks, Class Action, Streetlight Saints, Tiny Shrine, Double Fuzz, The Dudes, Chixdiggit, Savk, Mariel Buckley, Jason Famous & Le Fame, Frontiers, Vibrance, Northwest Passage, and Transit. Whew. And we will be finishing it off on New Years Eve with a double floor party to rule all parties at The Palomino with Cowpuncher, Rotary Park, 36?, Jesse & The Dandelions, The Northern Coast, Boots & The Hoots, Turtle People, The Hertz, & The LBJs!!!

Besides all that driving and playing and smashing up our light-bulb SPANKS sign loading her in and out of the van, we also recorded and released Stranger EP! The two singles on our little 7” vinyl are the first songs from an upcoming full length we’ve been working on with Danny Farrant (Buzzcocks) and Paul Rawson- which we will be tracking the rest of in May- let’s hear it for 2017! We also shot a music video with our good bud Brendan Kane- which is going to be out very soon. 

Here’s what we each thought of 2016!

Favourite 2016 Show Performed

Miesha: I think my favourite show just happened a few weeks ago! We played a send-off for Mike Bell at Palomino, all thrown together super fast by bands who appreciated all the years of support he’s given us. Both floors were rammed with people and bands who really love Mike and our local music community here in Calgary, including The Dudes and Chixdiggit. <3

Sean: My favourite show was either the Canada Day as Chixdiggit show or Golden Sound Fest!

Favourite 2016 Show Attended

Miesha: At Femme Wave last month, watching Afternoon Tea Party (Girls Rock Camp alumni) cover our song Stranger was insane and A Bomb keep getting better and better- watching any of my camp girls at any show is always my favourite experience of the whole year. Same night, CATL closed down Femme Wave at the Legion and me and Sean danced forever and Sarah brought me on stage to shake shakers at the end. Loved that night.

Sean: best show i saw was the Flatliners at the ship or that whale band we opened for at dickens (In The Whale)

Favourite 2016 Release

Miesha: July Talk “Touch” and Dirty Nil “Higher Power.”

Sean: 1. Seth Anderson’s One Week Record 2.  Dirty Nil - Higher Power 3. July talk - Touch

Most Memorable Spanks Moments of 2016

Miesha: Playing as Chixdiggit on Canada Day was crazy fun. I did all the KJisms, let’s hear it for me! and VANTOPIA! it was our first year playing Vantopia, and we tagged it onto the end of a 4 day weekender tour in June. There’s one stage and a million bands, drinking games, and van camping in the middle of nowhere. Being the last night of our trip we let loose a little, and I’m still finding peanuts in the back of my amps.

Sean: I can't think of all the spanks moments.. standouts would be the ferry ride where everyone was casually ignoring we were rocking side to side in a storm while the jays were playing. every time we play golden because thats always the best and longest nights. touring with mogina galore was so good because i fucking love that band and we had a blast tearing it up in western canada. and it never gets old turning on the radio to hear your own band so that was always nice.

Favourite Episode of Game Of Thrones 2016 (S6)

Miesha: Battle Of The Bastards!!! I was so pumped because I thought the entirety of the episode would be dedicated to the war in the North, but the first scene was the Siege of Mereen. Then the shot of Jon/Tormund/Wun-Wun before they run up to Winterfell made me wish there was a Marvel vs Capcom version of Thrones- that would be my dream team.

Sean: "the door" was my favourite because i'm a sucker for HODOR but i loved the reveals of how the white walkers came to be. I always wanted that story line explained because the books suck at it.


As we say so long to 2016, there’s already lots to excited about for 2017: 

Big Winter Classic, Blizzard Fest w/ Pack AD in January, Julie (Doiron) & The Wrong Guys, Palomino Anniversary and record release in February, Western Canada Mountain Tour with All Hands on Jane in March, April in Eastern Canada with HotKid, and May in Brighton, UK, recording the rest of our next full album! 

Meet us at The Palomino for New Years Eve, true believers! 

xxMiesha & The Spanks


It's happened! We dropped Stranger EP yesterday on all the online and digital mediums, so stream, download, enjoy, true believers! And that was just the first part of our crazy release month... tune into CJSW 90.9FM in the Calgary area or listen online at at 4pm MST to hear us perform live and chat about the new record, touring, and whatever else with Dawn Loucks on Saved By The Bell.

If you're in Alberta keep your eyes peeled for October's Beatroute- big thanks to Brett Sandford for the story! Also we had some pints and banter with Mike Bell at The Calgary Herald, so keep an eyes out for that as well.

Edmonton, we will see you on Friday! We are so pumped to be playing this year's Up + Downtown Music Festival- last year was so great with Pack AD, and this year we get to share the stage with Shadowy Men From A Shadowy Planet! Check out the updated schedule on their website.

CALGARY- Saturday Saturday Saturday! And Sunday!

Saturday you can find us at The Palomino with The Yawpers and The Rumble, vinyl in tow! We're on around 11pm but make sure you come early and stay late to help us celebrate. Then Sunday our all ages matinee kicks off at Broken City at 5pm with Girls Rock Camp Alumni, Afternoon Tea Party, then Chloroux (former A-bomber Jackie Klapak's new project), and J Blisette from Lethbridge.

Then there's just enough time to eat a turkey and hit the road across Western Canada!!

Keep up to date on our Facebook Page and Instagram and YouTube while we're on the road!



Oh boy, it's been a while! We had a whole lotta fun this summer, playing out of town weekenders, playing food truck frenzies, Lobster Fest... Girls Rock Camp!! Here's a little look at our June weekender:

But summer has come and passed and here we are, getting ready for our October release of Stranger EP. If you're on Facebook, follow along to THIS EVENT for information about the digital release, Calgary 18+ and All Ages shows, music video, and Western Canada tour!

We're holding on announcing tour dates for a few more days while we work out some kinks, but we'll be everywhere between Vancouver Island and Winnipeg, so it's going to be nice and big and fun!

BUT- you wanna see some behind the scenes for the music video shoot??


Oh hi! It's been a while, I bet you're wondering- what's been up with those Spanks during the months of March - May?? Well, plenty. Our trip to OCL Studios recording our upcoming 45 was an awesome, challenging, hilarious, super fun experience- the two demos we leaked on Valentine's Day have been re-recorded and way revamped thanks to Josh Gwilliam at OCL, Paul Rawson & Daniel Farrant (The Buzzcocks) our UK producers- more about the making of "Stranger EP" when we get closer to the release (July 2016). Big thanks to X92.9, CJSW, and CJSR for playing "Stranger" early for us- the EP will be available online next month! We also played a great fundraiser for Girls Rock Camp Calgary, headed out to Golden x2, Edmonton, and went to a million events while The Junos were in Calgary- thanks to Alberta Music for letting us tag along to the Juno Cup jam & Juno Cup game, AND we played this super fun pop-up show at the Ship & Anchor Pub with Micheal Bernard Fitzgerald and Leyton Kramer! Here's some assorted photos of the whole thing... in chronological order?

SO- while the EP isn't out yet- i AM able to show off a rad recording I was a part of recently by our resident rock n roll upstarts, A-BOMB! Jackie, Faith, and Nicole are a combo of ex-campers, and current helpers at Girls Rock Camp Calgary. They've been working super hard, honing their skills and song craft, performing every opportunity they get... after I stumbled into some studio time as part of my annual pledge to CJSW with Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio, I decided to spend it treating the world to one super special hit single from A-BOMB. I'm really proud of what these girls have come up with. This was their first time in the studio together! I hope you check out the track, check out their facebook, and finally, go see them live. This weekend they're in the running for the Ship & Anchor Songwriting Competition- great place to see them in action!!!

Pop over to our shows page to  see what we've got coming up too, cause there's lots all over BC and AB in the coming months. 



We are home from our adventures around BC and straight into OCL Studios, just outside of our home, Calgary AB. I made an album on our facebook page with some moments from the road, but here's a few too:

Thanks a million to everyone for coming out to the shows and to all the venues and promoters for being such amazing hosts. Playing my hometown was pretty special, and honestly after two years of not playing very far from home just being out on the road and back at what has always been my favourite part of being in a band felt incredible.

And then what? Then we get back to work! I spent the first day home re-writing, demo-ing, and sending songs back and forth with our rad producers in the UK, and then day 2 (yesterday) we jammed out our new arrangements and drove out to OCL for a long night of drums and guitars, pink wine, and donuts, and of course some Game Of Thrones before bed. 

As usual I'm the first one up! Today we fix up some guitars, add some leads, and get all the main vocals, back up vocals, and tambo down. This process is pretty cool, I've never worked long distance like this before. At first I thought the time difference would be a problem. It's actually pretty perfect. Last night we sent what we had done so far with some scratch vocals, and that was early morning to them. So by the time I wake up they've reviewed everything, tried out new ideas, and I have something to work with right away. Maybe it's a little boring to read about but I'm pretty excited. We have a sweet time during our early afternoon and their evening when we can shoot back and forth, and then we send again tonight, their morning, etc. 

So- I hope you got a chance to download/stream/whatever those demos I gave away on Valentine's day, because this is sooooo different! Which makes it even more exciting. You guys, I'm stoked. I can't wait to share everything with you! But now....  back to work. 



Last weekend at Golden Sound Festival was the best! We played with new friends from Victoria BC, Sam Weber, and stuck around the next night for an influx of Alberta buds: The Wet Secrets, High Kicks, Napalmpom, and also from Vic, Kytami.

Photo by Trevor Anderson (Just look at all these yahoos)

Photo by Trevor Anderson (Just look at all these yahoos)

Thanks so much to all the Rockwater and Golden Sound Festival staff and volunteers for making it such a memorable visit.  We love Golden so much we're coming back next month! Oh man, trouble.

And now begins the continuation of our mini Winter Tour! Tomorrow we hit the road out to my hometown of Invermere, BC, to play a couple of sets at Safta's- we'll start out stripped down around 7pm and then turn it up later around 9pm. The next night we are out in Rossland, BC, at the Flying Steamshovel Inn with the John Lee Hookers. After Golden last weekend, I'm so ready to be back in the middle of some big snowy mountains. Finally we hit Vancouver BC on Saturday! It's actually been years since I've brought the Spanks that far west, and what a better way to return than with old friends, Oldage, at The Emerald- joined by another super rad two piece, Invisible Ray. 

Then when we get home we have just enough time to get out of the van and have a stretch, before we walk into OCL Studios and start recording our new 7"- those two demos we shared on Valentine's Day! 

Exciting times for the Spanks, thanks for coming along with us all this way, true believers. xx.


Happy Valentine's Day! Spanks love love and lovin' and would love to share some new music we've been working on with you! For today only, you can stream and download (FREE) our newest demos for our upcoming EP "Stranger"! Just head to our bandcamp and go for it. We love, true believers. xx. 


What a weekend! BIG Winter Classic was such a crazy fun success- a complete congregation of old and new friends out to play music, drink beer, celebrate our awesome city and entertain each other. Handsome Sean Hamilton was out touring his new 7" with his band No Problem Fuck Everything, so I performed once solo and once in my no-longer-fake band Chick Magnets. When I was playing I was watching rad bands and chilling with rad friends - Napalmpom, High Kicks, Mounties, Bad Animal, Mancub, Marlaena Moore, Velveteins, LBJs, Pine Tarts, and on and on and on... I barely survived to write this blog!

This month is pretty nuts for Spanks! We're heading out to Golden BC to perform at Golden Sound Music Festival with The Wet Secrets, Napalmpom, High Kicks, Sam Weber, Kytami, and more. Then the following weekend we head out to Invermere, Rossland, and Vancouver BC! Miesha & The Spanks Winter Weekender we will be hammering out some new music- tightening it up for recording at the beginning of March! Our new 7"  Stranger will be out in time for our real big tour out East in May/June. More info on all of that to come.

Next show coming up in Calgary is a pretty amazing fundraiser we're putting together with our friends at The Palomino for this year's Girls Rock Camp Calgary! We are putting a stacked bill together for this- so stay tuned, true believers. xx.


We launched a new website.. today? Technically yesterday I guess, but it's one of those things I messed around with a bit before I wanted to show anyone officially. I think I'm actually saving this while I write it which might mean this whole news/blog entry is actually sort of like a live stream of me figuring out how to use this new... website stuff and stuff. It's like you're right here with me and my radio and pink wine! Very cool.

We've had some ch-ch-ch-changes! My beauty girl Emmy has moved west to the coast! She's one of my best buds and will be dearly missed, but if I've learned anything from Cal "Super Cal" Cavendish, it's to keep on truckin'! He's been filling in for her for a few months now, meet the newest member of The Spanks- handsome Sean Hamilton! 

Me and this sweet bud have a bunch of shows coming up in Supernatural British Columbia (it's still called that right?)! We will be in Golden, Invermere (my hometown!), Rossland, Vancouver, and hopefully somewhere else on the way home. Check out our SHOWS page for more specific details. It's our baby winter tour, and first time out on the road together. He has a sweet van, so I'm pretty excited.

Coming up more immediately- tomorrow night at The Gateway we join The Revival for SAIT's first week back to school party- later the same night (12:15am) Miesha will be playing one Hot Little Rocket song at the Legion No. 1 for 30 Calgary Songs- lots of Calgary bands covering Calgary songs, the whole thing looks pretty slick. 

Also solo Miesh is taking part in BIG WINTER CLASSIC, early (7:30pm) at Last Best Brewery on Thursday January 28. Check out for more info on that whole crazy weekend!

Alright, true believers, that about tops things off for today. If you see half statements of things being posted and deleted and added too again some time, I guess the live stream is back on! This is a fun game. xomiesha.