Stranger EP

by Miesha & The Spanks


"It’s got a more outlandishly garage feel. The fuzz is all-encompassing and Louie’s vocals add a fantastic girly edge that’s just dripping with attitude." Raz Mataz Magazine

"They (still) rip it up hard and melodic, — Louie forever the mighty, muscle-flexing, sword-cleaving Xena on guitar and vocals, and Hamilton laying down a chunky, steady wall of thunder that threatens to swamp over things — but there’s a spit shine and sheen to things that makes it go down easier." Calgary Herald

"short and feisty" Discorder Magazine

"Louie’s scrappy rock-and-roll beating heart still remains the distinct center-piece of the sound. Stranger not only serves as an exciting sample size of what to expect from the upcoming Girls, Girls, Girls full-length that the Spanks are expecting deeper into 2017, it also lives on its own as their best work to date." Beatroute

“Stranger EP” is made up of two new Miesha & The Spanks singles featuring new Spanks arrangement with Sean Hamilton on drums. 

“Motorin’” and “Stranger” are the first recordings released in collaboration with Paul Rawson and Danny Farrant (The Buzzcocks) in the producers’ chair. Their input and influence shaped the consistent gritty rock sounds of Miesha & The Spanks with nods to 50s girl group romanticism and tonality shifts in the vein of Queens of The Stone Age. 

“Stranger EP” is a pre-cursor for more to come from that collaboration, as the team spends the rest of 2016 recording and fine-tuning for the 2017 release of Miesha & The Spanks’ next full length album.


Recorded by Josh Gwilliam @ OCL Studios
Mixed/Produced by Danny Farrant, Paul Rawson
Mastered by Lacquer Channel Mastering 


All songs written by Miesha & The Spanks
Co-writes by Danny Farrant, Paul Rawson